What We Like: Zeina Aref's "majestic debut" short film on 'Nowness'

Titled 'Akoon', the Arabic word for "being", Aref's short film showcases joie de vivre as Egyptian women take up the space they deserve through dance.
What We Like: Zeina Aref's "majestic debut" short film on 'Nowness'

Photographer and emerging Egyptian filmmaker Zeina Aref told global video site Nowness that her debut short Akoon is an ode to “Egyptian women and our expressive journeys towards reclaiming the spaces we rightfully deserve.”

“This project was driven by a sense of frustration towards the unjust reality that being a woman means so many things except the freedom to be one,” continued the London-based creative, to introduce her featured video. “That frustration was channeled into creating Akoon as a means of occupying those spaces and showing that any woman—privately and publicly—can choose who they want to be.”

We can't think of anything more cool, more energizing and empowering than Akoon and we're watching it on repeat, since the music and words are so addictive. The short film is stunningly shot, beautifully acted and the dancing is just perfect.

Watch it on Nowness... Now!

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