What We Like: Maz Jobrani's interview on 'Arabian Moda'

The Iranian-American comedian first appeared on our radar during the 'Axis of Evil' world tour, and now he shares his latest news on the Paris-based publication.
What We Like: Maz Jobrani's interview on 'Arabian Moda'

Comedian Maz Jobrani is never afraid of being politically incorrect. His latest album is titled 'I'm not a terrorist, but I've played one on TV' and the artwork for it features Jobrani wearing a Keffiyeh, holding a bomb. He first appeared on our collective radar while touring the world in the Axis of Evil comedy show, featuring Egyptian-American Ahmed Ahmed and Palestinian-American Dean Obeidallah.

Lately, Jobrani has been working on an animated project with Friends actress Courteney Cox.

In his latest interview, for Arabian Moda, Jobrani talked about the phenomenon of "cancel culture" and whether that has affected his comedy routines, as well as opened up about his favourite comedians -- which include both Robin Williams and Bill Cosby. Jobrani also delves into adapting typically American jokes for a Middle Eastern audience. The result is a must-read interview which you can find in full here.

Top image of Maz Jobrani by Storm Santos

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