Watch the first clip for Cannes Competition title 'Holy Spider'

'Holy Spider' is a gritty thriller about a serial killer in the Holy Iranian city of Mashhad, directed by Iranian-Danish filmmaker Ali Abbasi.
Watch the first clip for Cannes Competition title 'Holy Spider'

One of the most anticipated titles in Competition at the Festival de Cannes this year is Ali Abbasi's Holy Spider. The story revolves around a woman journalist, Rahimi (played by Zar Amir Ebrahimi best known for her role in the Iranian TV series Nargess) who travels to the Iranian holy city of Mashhad to investigate a serial killer. But this is no ordinary serial killer -- if there is ever such a thing. This murderer believes he is doing God's work, cleansing the streets of sinners by murdering sex workers. But just as the body count mounts and Rahimi draws closer to exposing his crimes, she realizes that the opportunity for justice is growing harder to attain. Because the ‘Spider Killer’ as he is known, is embraced by many as a hero.

The film is based on the horrific true story of serial killer Saeed Hanaei, and is directed by acclaimed writer-director Ali Abbasi (Border) who co-wrote the story with Afshin Kamran Bahram. The film co-stars Iranian theatre actor Mehdi Bajestani and unveils a gripping crime thriller, along with a daring indictment of a society in which rough justice is routinely a fact of life.

The film world premieres on May 22, 2022 and the international sales agent for Holy Spider in Cannes is Wild Bunch.

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